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How to configure the DNS in Unix and Linux servers For Solaris and Linux, Enable the name resolving using DNS as follows: Edit the file /etc/nsswitch.conf so that the “host:” will be pointing to local and dns as in the following hosts: files dns B)VALIDATION REQUIREMENTS Check with nslookup it should be able to resolve the host to IP and IP to host as in the following example # nslookup Networking: Check DNS Settings - SCS Computing Facilities Open System Preferences, either from the Dock or the Apple menu > System Preferences; Click Show All; Click Network. Note: If the lock in the lower-left corner of the window is closed, you must click it and enter your Mac OS X administrator password before you can make changes to settings. In the left-hand pane, choose the network connection you want to check Configure DNS Server on CentOS 8 – Linux Hint Changing the DNS Server Address of Network Interface: Now, you can change the DNS server address of your network interface to use the local DNS server by default. Check my article Configuring Static IP on CentOS 8 for a detailed instruction on how to do that. As you … Linux IP Updater for Dynamic Networks – OpenDNS

How DNS configure in Linux? Configuration of DNS services under Linux involves the following steps: To enable DNS services, the “/etc/host.conf” file should look like this: Configure the “/etc/hosts” file as needed. The “/etc/named.conf” file should be configured to point to your DNS …

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