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Jul 14, 2020 12 Step by Step Fix to WiFi Connected But No Internet Access Jan 05, 2020 Update on Efforts to Expand Internet Access - Year 2020 State Superintendent Tony Thurmond and Digital Divide Task Force Receive Update on Multiple Efforts to Expand Internet Access for All State Superintendent Tony Thurmond and leaders serving on the Closing the Digital Divide Task Force received a progress report Friday on multiple ongoing efforts and commitments made to date to expand services for the state’s most vulnerable students and families

When it comes to broadband speeds, 94.6% of Washingtonians have access to wired broadband 25 Mbps or faster, while 92.8% have access to broadband 100 Mbps or faster. On the other hand, only 25.8% of Washingtonians have access to 1-gigabit broadband. Best-Connected Cities . Kirkland came in 1st as the most connected town in the state.

Internet access remains a problem as schools plan for

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The Internet Tax Freedom Act (ITFA), enacted in 1998, was intended to protect the developing internet technology. ITFA, which prohibited states and localities from applying taxes on internet access or imposing discriminatory digital-only taxes, became permanent in 2016 but included a grandfather clause that allowed states with taxes existing before 1998 to keep that tax in place until June 30 Broadband for All | The State of New York In 2015, Governor Cuomo made the largest and most ambitious state broadband investment in the nation, $500 million, to achieve statewide broadband access by 2018. Governor Cuomo has now secured high-speed Internet upgrades for approximately 2.42 million locations statewide, which means 99.9 percent of New Yorkers will have access to broadband. State Legislature looking into high speed internet access