2 Linksys EA-Series Product Overview • Internet port —Connect an Ethernet cable to this yellow port and to your modem. • Reset button—Press and hold for 10 seconds (until the port lights blink at the same time) to reset the router to its factory defaults. You can also restore the defaults using Linksys …

How to Reset Linksys Router Resetting the Linksys router to its default factory settings can help you when you forget your password, or can’t access the router setup webpage. Note: Press and hold the Reset button of the router and wait for the LED light in the router to flicker to complete the process. If the internet connection is lost after updating the firmware, you will need to restore the configuration that was previously set on the router. For instructions on using the Restore Previous Settings feature of the router, click here. Related Articles: How to reconnect the router after the firmware upgrade I have a linksys 802.11b router that doesnt seem to reach all parts of my house equally. I have an macbook pro, ipad and hp wireless router. When i test my broadband speed it says i am only getting 4 mbps download and 480 kbps upload. The max our plan has for wireles is 7 mbps download and 512 kb Jan 21, 2013 · If your Cisco Linksys router is spinning on “waiting” after you enter your username and password there is a fairly easy fix but it does require a few steps. Reset to factory defaults then setup your router from scratch. This is usually caused by switching to the Cisco Cloud Connect firmware from the original Linksys style firmware.

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Rebooting your modem and router may also fix the connection problem. To do this, disconnect the power cables, wait 2 minutes, and then reconnect the power cables. Updating Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Service

How to Update Linksys Firmware: 7 Steps (with Pictures