A Wireless Distribution System, or WDS, is a cheap and easy way to extend your wireless network coverage. It’s cheap, because you can set up a couple of sub-$60 routers with the open-source firmware DD-WRT , including the Linux-powered Linksys WRT54GL (only $56 these days on Amazon.com ) and other compatible routers.

To have computers connected to both routers (main and secondary) and co-exist in the same subnet, set up DD-WRT as a Client Bridge, Repeater Bridge or use WDS. Further explanation of bridging modes is at Linking Routers. If using a multi-band router, do not set more than one band to CB. The other radio(s) would normally be set as AP. For Access Point (AP) instructions. A secondary router on the same subnet, so all wireless and wired network devices can access each other. Simple Version (Same Subnet) On the secondary access point router: Do a hard reset Disable DHCP and set the wireless channel different from the other router(s) Oct 19, 2011 · AP (Access Point) – The standard wireless mode for most routers in DD-WRT. DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) – Automates network-parameter assignment to network devices. Simply, it is a process that allows a router to automatically assign connected devices local IP address WDS Client Mode Client Bridge Repeater Repeater Bridge Two routers (1 Client Mode, 1 AP Mode) Requires admin control over all routers, and the routers must have compatible WDS implementations • Does not require control over host access point/routers; can connect to a host you don't control • • • • • Supports multiple wired client NO WDS support for connecting current DD-WRT MadWIFI <-> DD-WRT MadWIFI-N <-> DD-WRT ath9k Under Basic Setup ---> Network Setup ----> Local IP Address , use an IP in the same subnet as the WDS AP router but outside the WDS AP router's DHCP range. Step 10: (Optional) - To extend the wireless network of the WDS AP, or daisy chain WDS Station to WDS Station • Under Virtual Interfaces, Click Add • Change the Wireless Mode of the Virtual Interface to WDS AP Type in the SSID for the Virtual Interface exactly (same capitalization) as it is on the WDS AP (main router) • • Click Save

Apr 15, 2007 · i have something about this to tell, A Wireless Distribution System (AP+WDS) is a system that enables the wireless interconnection of access points in an IEEE 802.11 network. It allows a wireless network to be expanded using multiple access points without the need for a wired cable to link them, as is traditionally required.

For the wireless mode, select "WDS Station" from the menu. For the SSID, you may enter any name you choose, such as "DD-WRT-WDS". Record the SSID that you chose in the table below. EN ES Under "Virtual Interface", select "AP" for the wireless mode. Enter the SSID from step 1-1 and click [Apply Settings]. My intention was to try out and report on the DD-WRT software project. Both the WRT54G and the WRT54GL are supposed to work with DD-WRT, however, their may be issues with WRT54G. The following documents the trouble free flashing steps I followed to install DD-WRT on a WRT54GL router. Presumably, the L stands for Linux. WDS w/WPA2 AES. um unless you are using all draytek gear , i dont think this is possible , wds in almost all routers is limited to wep security at best , draytek have upgraded this with their own style of wds that can use wpa and above , but is limited to connecting to other drayteks only. as far as i know dd wrt only supports wep in wds also Main Router - Buffalo WZR-HP-G450H (DD-WRT 20025) Repeater - Netgear WNDR3400 (DD-WRT 21061) I was watching the Buffalo WDS Setup, but the Netgear DD-WRT didn't have WDS Station under wireless mode so I tryed the setting Repeater as I followed the video. After trying all other modes on the Netgear DD-WRT it still wouldn't get to the login screen from being connected to the Buffalo router and a

DD-WRT Tutorial 5: Wireless Repeater 03-DEC-08 By Aaron Weiss. January 19, 2007. In the old days, when you wanted to extend the range of a wireless access point, you had to set up a WDS, or wireless distribution system, coordinating two or more WDS-capable routers.

Second issue is the real issue- When using WDS AP and WDS STA mode along with a UL/LU channel, the STA will only connect at HT20 speed. (Clarification still necessary if only on 2.4ghz, 5ghz or both). UU and LL in WDS AP and WDS STA mode works fine from what I read at the top. This is a bug for sure and I agree. Mar 18, 2017 · WDS mode is the next step in this chain of evolution. The LAN behaves exactly like it does under bridge mode. The difference between bridge mode and WDS mode is that the wireless radio on your router is also relaying wireless packets to/from other wireless clients, and would therefore act as another access point for additional wireless clients. Dec 12, 2017 · Wireless Distribution System (WDS) Repeater Network setup . Follow the instructions here. The "Basic Wireless" Setup screen should look like this afterwards: Main Router - Buffalo WHR-G125 (usually with Internet Access) WAN port connected to Internet WAN (configure normally) LAN IP Address = DHCP Server = enabled Wireless