Since the EA3500 is at EoL, I'm considering installing OpenWRT on it -- has anyone tried this? If so, would you please share your thoughts? Thanks, Bill

It gets to about 85-90% and then just reports that it failed, then reboots back into the Linksys firmware. However Internet Explorer doesn't have this issue, it's at least possible to flash OpenWrt onto an E2000 running version 1.0.04 (build 07) of the Linksys firmware using IE 11, and probably other versions. Flashing with the web interface OpenWrt Project: Linksys E2500 v1 The Linksys E2500 was a router released by Linksys around April 2011. It features a Broadcom BCM43236 dual-band wireless chip. It has 4, 10/100 ethernet ports, and a single 10/100 WAN port. DD-WRT Forum :: View topic - Linksys E3000 bricked (won't 2014-1-27 Linksys Site China


2020-1-7 · linksys-ea9500-openwrt固件 01-08 立即下载 Linksys 官方固件 Linksys EA6500 10-08 立即下载 linksys-wrt54gs刷dd-wrt固件心得 09-12 LINKSYS E3000 刷DD-WRT的方法 08-23 1628 Linksys WRT54G 无线路由器 anyone using 1.6 with linksys e3000? - Gargoyle Forum

anyone using 1.6 with linksys e3000? - Gargoyle Forum

2020-2-26 · Initial Flash from Linksys firmware: READ the Peacock Announcement carefully! Disconnect all cables and wireless clients. Do a hard reset. Connect a LAN cable to the PC doing the flash, then access Linksys GUI at via web browser. Go to the Firmware Upgrade page to flash the 14929 E2000 trailed build 明月固件 Openwrt MingYue ! - 新增加Linksys …