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Dropbox will add itself to your Finder's sidebar and deposit a Dropbox for Mac tutorial into your Dropbox folder (a Get Started with Dropbox .pdf file). Take a few moments to read through the guide — it provides a good outline for working with Dropbox. Tips for using Dropbox on Mac. Understanding how does Dropbox work is easy. #4 Remove Dropbox folder from mac. If you just need to remove a Dropbox folder from mac, instead of uninstall the application completely, here are the easy steps: 1. Run Dropbox; 2. Click on the Dropbox icon on your Mac menu bar, go to Folder icon; 3. How do I delete Dropbox from my Mac? I have followed all instructions on the Dropbox website. When I try to drag the application to the trash, it states I can not as "some of its plug-ins are still in use". The tool you need to completely uninstall Dropbox on your Mac is named Omni Remover 2, which is free but professional Mac App Uninstaller software. Omni Remover 2 will save you from boring and tedious Dropbox uninstalling procedure by thoroughly scanning Dropbox for Mac leftovers, remaining caches, orphaned or corrupt junks, so as to give you Then right-click on the "Dropbox" folder and choose "Open Folder location". Open "Dropbox" folder. Go to "Control Panel" and click "Uninstall a program". Select the "Dropbox" and press "Uninstall". As you can see, "Dropbox" was uninstalled, but the Dropbox folder is still on the computer with all the files.