How to install FreeNAS 11.1

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FreeNAS 9.3 is the current release at time of writing and is what this guide is based on, although future versions should also work fine. Create ‘time-machine’ Group The first step is to create a system group for the Time-Machine share in preparation for adding users.

Intro to FreeNAS. FreeNAS is an open-source solution to creating a resilient Network-Attached-Storage (NAS) solution for your data. In laymans terms it is a specialised computer designed to act as an external hard drive on your network. This build is going to focus on creating an enterprise grade NAS for home use. Jun 21, 2017 · 3) Selecting install destination. In this step you will get a list of the possible destinations for your FreeNAS 11 installation. The most common destination is a USB device (you can also select a disk, however FreeNAS won't allow you to use that same disk as storage). Most users are going get into FreeNAS with a spare computer. This is either a hand-me-down, old system or a cheap second system to act as a simple server. Most of these systems only support 4 SATA ports and probably have 4GB of ram. Feb 01, 2012 · One blank CD-R / CD-RW for writing the FreeNAS ISO in preparation for the installation. Oh yeah, the 64-bit FreeNAS ISO image itself, which you can snag here. (Version 8.0.3-p1 at the time of this

FreeNAS turns an old, low powered computer into a network storage solution. Plug in a decent sized USB hard drive and you can keep all your media (or business) files in one place. FreeNAS supports most network file access protocols: CIFS (Windows file sharing, formerly SMB), FTP, NFS, TFTP, Rsync and Unison to mention a few.

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