There are many sites which are blocked because of directives by the Malaysian government to censor these sites. And the easiest way to deny you internet access is by using a DNS block to intercept the content they do not want you to see.

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How to Bypass a DNS Block (And Access Blocked Websites

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How to unblock and access Blocked or Restricted Websites

Ping (enter the blocked website in the place of Now enter that IP address on your browser and you can access the BLOCKED websites. 7. Open Blocked locales utilizing decimal code. By utilizing the decimal numbers you can get to any blocked sites, in light of the fact that none will even block the IP address in decimal. In this guide, I will provide answers and methods to access blocked sites. What you need to know first, is that any website you attempt to enter sends a request to your browser to find out who you are, and what is your Geo-location. This information is stored in your IP address. Nov 18, 2019 · Therefore, you can bypass the restrictions by converting blocked websites to other languages that you may know. Try using Google Translate and try it out for yourself. This is another easy way to access blocked websites. You can even use Microsoft’s Bing translation service to unblock the restricted websites. 2. Change Network Proxy In Web Sep 12, 2018 · how to unblock blocked websites? One of the issues that many people face when they are online is being blocked from certain websites. This makes it effectively impossible to access that particular website, of course, unless you have some extra knowledge on the issue. Unblocking websites does not require an IP address from any particular country. In fact, if you’re trying to access blocked sites in India, it’s better if you use an IP from another area. It doesn’t matter which server you choose, just as long as it’s not in a country whose IP range is blocked by the same website you’re trying to access.