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How to Change DNS Settings on Android Devices (WiFi and Aug 05, 2019 Setting up a wireless network - Windows Help This article describes the basic steps for setting up a wireless network and starting to use it. Get the right equipment. Before you can set up your wireless network, here’s what you’ll need: Broadband Internet connection and modem. A broadband Internet connection is a high-speed Internet connection. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and cable

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Determine the IP address of your Android device. One way to find out the IP address is to look under Settings > Network & internet > Wi-Fi, then tap on the WiFi network that the device is connected to, and then tap on Advanced. This will open a dropdown showing information about the network connection, similar to what is seen in the screenshot How to quickly delete network settings in Android

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Aug 29, 2018 Mobile network settings – Easy guide From that menu, you will be able to edit or add a new set of mobile network settings. Mobile network settings for iPad or iPhone: For iOS owners, you can access the mobile network settings menu here:: In the Settings menu Select General. Then select Network, and then Cellular Data Network … How to Search for a Setting in Android 5.0 | Tom's Guide Mar 10, 2015 How to Reset Network Settings in Android M