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Remote Desktop for Mac won't connect … - Apple Community Jan 13, 2016 Can't access network resources over VPN connection on Mac Apr 18, 2012 Remote Access to Campus Computers (RDP) | Computing for If connecting from Off-Campus, you will need to connect to the UNT VPN, as described in the Off-Campus section before proceeding. Download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Mac App Store. Note: If you are using a UNT CAS managed Apple computer, the Microsoft Remote Desktop client should already be installed.

Remote Desktop for Mac won't connect … - Apple Community

Connect to the Mac. A remote desktop connection requires a broadband connection (DSL or cable modem) or 3G or 4G phone data service and a VPN connection to Amherst. You cannot use dial-up internet connection with remote desktop connection. Set Up VPN Connection … Using Remote Desktop Connection with VPN - Need Creative Nov 02, 2004 Install Jump Desktop Connect - Remote Desktop

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VPN ok, can't connect to Remote Deskt… - Apple Community Jun 15, 2008